Vehicle Selector API

Vehicle selector simulation

1/2 – vehicle information


2/2 – Vehicle

Brand : Audi

Model : A4 quattro (8Ex) (01-08)

Version : AVF - 130 dinHP - 96 kw - 4000 rpm

Manufactured since 2001

End of manufacturing 2004


vehicle selector API vdataservices

The Vehicle Selector API* is a set of web-services (or micro-services) dedicated to vehicle identification based on [make > model > version] and registration data or national code, for a targeted geographical area.

You have the possibility to test the vehicle identification service on the left side of the screen: unfold the drop-down menu to choose a make (the choice is deliberately limited to the first car brand as it is a demo mode), then select a model, then a version, or search by registration number.

V DATA SERVICES processes the collected data to cross-check them and refine the result among the many possible versions. To learn more, read our article on how to identify a vehicle ?

When the vehicle has been precisely identified by make/model/version, V Data Services can provide you with all the administrative and technical components of the car in the form of vehicle datasheet.

In turn, this data sheet may provide further information to extend the life of the vehicle : digital car maintenance book