How does API work ?

Our service offer is composed of Restful APIs restoring data in Json format and fully documented (Swagger format) to ease integration.
After 10 years spent analysing and understanding the digital transformation of the automotive aftermarket sector through mobile sites and applications, et, we finally concentrated our efforts on the development of services dedicated to the identification of light vehicles, the restitution of general and technical data, and finally preventive and predictive maintenance thanks to its digital service book.


1. Collect

  • Which data ?
  • - Vehicle identification
  • - History and condition of the vehicle
  • Data collection procedure
  • - Web or mobile Interface
  • - Files via sFTP
  • - CRM, DMS, dongles... via webservices

2. Enhance

  • Manufacturers maintenance guidelines extraction following data collected
  • Settings
  • - Families / categories / maintenance operations
  • - Manufacturer's service recommandations and parameters

3. Compute

  • - Future maintenance operations and MOT
  • - Budget planning
  • - Users reminders
  • - Other data that you may need

4. Restitute

  • Services API
  • Integrated in an existing web or mobile application
  • Fully documented (Swagger)
  • Tailor made to customer needs Web or mobile app
  • - Functional analysis of needs
  • - Development and testing (Scrum Agility)
  • - Maintenance
  • - Hosting can be provided
  • Vehicle Selector API
  • Vehicle Selector API

  • The identification of a vehicle according to different criteria.

  • Vehicle Datasheet API
  • Vehicle Datasheet API

  • The vehicle datasheet block by block.

  • Car Maintenance Book API
  • Car Maintenance Book API

  • Preventive and predictive maintenance at the heart of your customer experience