Car Maintenance Book API

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Audi A4 quattro (8Ex) (01-08)

  • - Mainly urban routes ?
  • - More than 8 starts per day ?
  • - Daily trips of less than 5 km ?
  • - On average, less than 20 km per day ?

Why these questions ?

The manufacturer's recommendations may change according to the use of your vehicle. All the information collected allows us to identify the best maintenance plan for your vehicle.


Selected vehicle

Audi A4 quattro

Preventive and predictive maintenance

The Car Maintenance Book API a set of functions and webservices dedicated to the light vehicles preventive and predictive maintenance according to the conditions of use and manufacturers' recommendations, enabling :

1/ The creation of a digital maintenance book for a given vehicle (please refer to our Vehicle selector API) and customized according to its status and usage parameters such as :
Date of 1st registration
Mileage (actual)
Yearly average mileage
Conditions of use...

2/ Obtain the possible maintenance operations according to the manufacturer's maintenance plan and classified by family and categories according to the V Data Services nomenclature.

3/ Calculate future maintenance according to the preventive maintenance algorithm owned by V Data Services (under no circumstances does this algorithm replace the manufacturer's maintenance and recommendations).

4/ Enter one or more invoices for maintenance performed by family and category or add preventive maintenance, independent of the V DATA SERVICES families / categories nomenclature.

5/ Select the recommended maintenance plan based on a vehicle's usage data: current mileage, average mileage, vehicle operating conditions, etc.

The car maintenance book API is based on the precise identification of the vehicle (make, model, version, date of first registration) and on the following declarative information: actual mileage of the vehicle, average annual mileage, severe conditions of use.

To find out all the technical characteristics of a vehicle without having to go through the car service book, you can use our vehicle datasheet API