V DATA SERVICES is a Michelin Group subsidiary, first attached to the Corporate Direction of Digital Activities in 2014, and since 2019 to Business Venture Connected & Mobility.

Our DNA is characterised by our digital expertise in the automobile industry and mobility players for ten years :

  • Predictive maintenance algorithm and online service book to help and support professional or private drivers, fleet managers...
  • Marketplace ReviserSaVoiture.com serves as an exchange platform between the drivers needs and proposed maintenance networks.

We are focused on developing solutions for the mobility players : service networks, fleet management tools, insurance companies, organizations...

Launch of the first web and mobile app marketplace dedicated to car maintenance : ReviserSaVoiture.com.
Thousand hours in R&D and the setup of the first preventive and predictive maintenance algorithm offered online to drivers : carnet-entretien-auto.fr. The company is labelled "Innovative Business" and wins the "Best aftersale initiative" from the Autobiz Internet Awards.
The company becomes a Michelin group subsidiary, proof of recognition of digital expertise applied to the automobile industry.
New development strategy aimed at developing digital preventive and predictive solutions for mobility players.
ReviserSaVoiture.com becomes V DATA SERVICES with the ambition to create an API platform enabling to agregate vehicle data from several sources and restore them according to market standards. In order to be integrated at the heart of our customers' solutions. Our webservices include vehicle selector, vehicle datasheet, car maintenance book...
Implementation and deployment of our APIs with the first customers and gradual industrialisation of processes (API management) to improve efficiency and performance.